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Men's Brigade Request

Thank you for your interest in receiving assistance from the Men’s Brigade Ministry at North Metro Baptist Church. We assist widows, single mothers, the elderly, and others who need help with "handyman" tasks. All projects are scoped and planned to be completed within a 4-hour period if possible. Our ability to assist you is determined by the quantity of active requests and the number of volunteers to help. Please complete the following to begin the request process. Men’s Brigade is unable to fulfill emergency requests.

Men's Brigade Request

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Have you used Men's Brigade Services in the past year?*

Is the work being requested at your own residence? *

Are you a member of North Metro Baptist Church? *

Services Agreement*

While the North Metro Men’s Brigade is at your residence, you, or an adult representative, need to remain at the residence for the entirety of the work performed. By submitting this request, you recognize that Men’s Brigade Team Members, North Metro Men’s Ministry, and North Metro Baptist Church are not liable for any damages during, or after, any type of work performed. Your request will be reviewed by the Men’s Pastor and a Men’s Brigade Team Leader and you will be contacted soon afterwards. Men’s Brigade is unable to fulfill emergency requests. The home owner is responsible for any supplies purchased. North Metro will not accept payment/gifts of any kind for Men’s Brigade services. Please check the box above to acknowledge agreement with all items noted in this request.

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