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Life Group Teacher Bios


Name:    Jerry Buckles
Vocation:    Financial Services

Family info:    Former military (13 years) and computer/banking (25 years), married to Ann with 6 children and 10 grandchildren, NM member since 2003

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Class active in various ministries. Lecture and discussion, focusing on applying God’s Word (“user’s manual”) to everyday life.

Name:    John Cauble
Vocation:    I am a construction contractor doing mostly residential remodeling.         

Family info:    I have 6 children, all but two of which are married. I have 7 grandchildren. 

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    My teaching style is a bit preachy, as I have pastored and preached much more than I have taught. I try to focus on the importance of personal responsibility for Bible knowledge and spiritual growth. Also emphasizing personal application of Bible truths verses simply acquiring Christian rhetoric. 

Name:    Bobby Choate
Vocation:    Regional Sales Manager for PAI Industries

Family info:    Married to Robin, one child, lives in Hoschton

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Very close class that cares for each other and serves in many areas of ministry.  Interactive discussion approach to the historical and cultural context of the lesson. 

Name:    Mary Cox
Vocation: Women's Ministry Director (North Metro & GBC)  

Family info:    Married to husband, Frank. Have three kids -Stephen, Jonathan, and Kristen and four grandchildren.

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Women's class covering books of the Bible and topical studies with a focus on life application.

Name:    Stephen Cox
Vocation: Director of Communications (North Metro)    

Family info:    Married to wife, Brooke, for 14 years. Have three kids -Baileigh (10), Ellie (7), and Camden (3).

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Couples age 28-44 with children from birth through elementary school. Conversational teaching style covering books of the Bible and topical studies with a focus on life application.

Name:    Chris Daugherty
Vocation:    Parts Operation Manager

Family info:    Married with 3 children

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Class participation encouraged.

Name:    Steve Daugherty
Vocation:    Cashflow Management

Family info:    Married, son, daughter, 2 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style: Expository lecture format, encouraging participation and discussion.

Name:    Joe Dodd
Vocation:    Sales Specialist with Builders FirstSource

Family info:    Married to Anita (32 years), one son, NM member for 20 years.

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Diverse group, relaxed/conversational teaching, encouraging discussion and participation.

Name:    Tracey Farmer
Vocation:    Elementary School Teacher

Family info:    2 sons in college

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Small ladies class incorporating discussions/sharing/prayer.

Name:    Laura Ford
Vocation:    Homeschool mom, bible study leader, author

Family info:    Married to Sonny, 2 elementary age daughters

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Fosters a welcoming atmosphere where women can share their heart, struggles and joys. Biblical lecture and open discussion recorded live from a closed/private Facebook page made available to class members.

Name:    Jean Gammage
Vocation:    Retired

Family info:    Member of NMBC for 60 years

Dynamics of class/teaching style: Close fellowship that shares and cares with open arms. Facilitator, not lecturer.

Name:    Joanne Gardner
Vocation:    Retired

Family info:    Widow, one son, one daughter, 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild

Dynamics of class/teaching style: Lecture and discussion, involving everyone in lesson.

Name:    Bob Goethe
Vocation:    Retired from International Transportation

Family info:    Married, 3 children, 7 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Bible direct with interaction

Name:    Ed Hampton
Vocation:    Hospice Chaplain, Senior Adult Minister

Family info:    Married to Paula, 2 grown children

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Facilitator for class discussion on biblical concepts and modern application to our lives today.

Name:    Alice Hicks
Vocation:    Retired

Family info:    Married to Frank, 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren.

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Applying scripture to everyday life

Name:    John Hoseit
Vocation:    Contractor

Family info:    Married

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Small class of mostly retired adults involved in church ministries and active in church activities.  Discussion style teaching.

Name:    Doug Howard
Vocation:    Hardware/equipment retailer

Family info:    Married to Bonnie (33 years), 2 sons

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Men’s class of all ages, some married, some single, several new believers.  Life application teaching.

Name:    Trent Huffman
Vocation:    Financial Manager, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Family info:    Married to Melissa (21 years), from Mount Airy, NC (Mayberry), 2 teenage sons

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Varied ages of men and women 40+. Teaching focuses on the practical application of God’s word to everyday life.

Name:    Rhett Hutchison
Vocation:    Director, AT&T

Family info:    Married to Shannon (30 years), 4 daughters, 3 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Parents of preschoolers and older children; open, fun-loving, charismatic classroom including regular class events and get-togethers.  Conversational discussion.

Name:    Steve Janeczek
Vocation:    Retail Management

Family info:    Married 30 years, 2 children, 4 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Men of different stages of life with a wide range of life experience, some married/raising families, some retired. Interactive open discussion. 

Name:    Roy Latham
Vocation:    Management/Retired

Family info:    Married to Gail, 4 children, 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style: Scripture, discussion questions, class participation, prayer concerns

Name:    Linda Lewis
Vocation:    Property/Casualty Insurance

Family info:    Married to Lew (32 years), “fur baby” – Maddie, shih tzu rescue

Dynamics of class/teaching style: Fun group of ladies!  Bring both the NT and OT together each week with practical application. 

Name:    Larry Little
Vocation:    Sales Rep

Family info:    Married to Carol (over 50 years), 3 children, 7 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Couples and singles 65+, lecture with class participation

Name:    Keith McBroom
Vocation:    Executive Minister, North Metro

Family info:   Keith has been a member of North Metro and on staff since 2001.  He served as our minister of music until early 2018 when he transitioned to become our executive minister.  Keith is married to Michele and they have two adult children, Katherine (married to Caleb) and Clay.

Dynamics of class/teaching style:   Keith seeks to uncover the practical, applicable truths of God’s Word and present them in a way that is simple and easy to remember.  He uses stories and humor to encourage participation and discussion. 


Name:    Alfie Meek
Vocation:    Economist, Georgia Tech Faculty

Family info:    Married to Pilar (26 years), two boys in high school

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Casual but focused in-depth Bible study, expository verse-by-verse teaching, once a month the men/women split for prayer/sharing, once a month families get together for lunch and fellowship.

Name:    Danny Moseley
Vocation:    Car Sales

Family info:    Married to Barbara, 2 children, 4 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    70+ coed, exegetical style

Name:    Daniel Perry
Vocation:    Chick-fil-A Operator

Family info:    Married to Heather (21 years), one son, three daughters

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Couples age 35-50 with children from elementary through college.  Use a blend of bible study and topical materials relevant to our stage of life.

Name:    Weyman Perry
Vocation:    Healthcare

Family info:    Married to Susan (43 years), 4 sons, 8 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Predominantly lecture with some discussion, but no breakouts.

Name:    Mike Rhodes
Vocation:    MRI Technical Support Engineer

Family info:    Married to Pam (35 years), 2 children, 2 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Class age 50-59, class size 12-16, guided discussion with videos and other resources

Name:    Tray Scates
Vocation:    Software Architect

Family info:    Married, 3 children 3 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Interactive participation, weekly handout of lesson

Name:    Billy Shirley
Vocation:    Teacher / Department Chair of Social Studies 

Family info:    Married 16 yrs. w/ 2 sons

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Diverse single adult coed groups.  Discussion based lessons

Name:    Norm Smith
Vocation:    CPA

Family info:    Married to Robin (33 years), 2 children, 3 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Couples age 40s & 50s, great class fellowship with 30-35 minutes of expository teaching. 

Name:    Skip Soucie
Vocation:    CEO of a marketing company

Family info:    Married to Lisa (27 years), proud father of 4 boys

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Eclectic group of men and women in their 40s and 50s, both married and single, with and without children at home. Learning and study is a casual facilitated discussion format.  We call it doing life together!

Name:    Rick Stevens
Vocation:    Retired from Lifeway

Family info:    Married to Terri (25 years), one daughter

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Couples in a wide age range, many choir/orchestra members.  Discussion based class.

Name:    Craig Trussell

Vocation:    Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Software Sales

Family info:    Married to Tanya (27 years), 14 year old son

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Mostly dual income young couples starting families; interactive teaching.

Name:    Patrick Tyndall
Vocation:    Vice President, Mathias Corporation (commercial general contractor)

Family info:    Married to Brook, 3 children

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Married couples in 40s and 50s with mostly high school aged and older children.  Teaching style includes interaction and discussion.  We meet in smaller groups twice a month to foster relationships.  Desire to impact our community.

Name:    Kevin Williams
Vocation:    Keller Williams, REALTOR

Family info:    Married to HS sweetheart (over 42 years), 2 children, 4 grandchildren

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Energetic young married class.  Lessons delivered via lectern speaking with class participation encouraged, including current affairs and sensitive topics.

Name:    Brett Wilson

Vocation:    Software Enterprise Architect

Family info:    Married to Sally (35 years), 2 daughters

Dynamics of class/teaching style:    Compassionate and friendly Senior adult class with conservative biblical teaching delivered in a dynamic and engaging format.



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