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Regather Update

April 15 Regather UPDATE

This Sunday, April 18, we will continue to gather together for in-person worship! We hope you will join us at 9:15am for life groups and 10:30am for worship. Don't miss it!

Summer Camps::

Registration is open for all our summer camps!

Music Camp:

Middle School:

High School:

Streaming Options::


- These plans are subject to change based on latest COVID-19 information.
- Online LIVE streaming worship options will continue.As always, you can give online here. 

Regathering Details

We know the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created concern in our workplaces, schools and day-to-day activities. Our goal is to provide our church family with a clean, safe environment and we strive to be sensitive to the health and well-being of everyone who comes on our campus. We want to make sure you know that our church is putting greater focus on prevention and has taken precautions to keep you and our campus facilities as protected as possible:

•  We have implemented more aggressive sanitization measures to clean frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, microphones, handrails etc. All worship center seats and flat surfaces will be disinfected after each use.

•  All carpet and floors have been cleaned and sanitized.

•  Additional hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the campus. 

•  Complimentary coffee stations have been suspended. Additionally, water fountains have been turned off.

•  Elevator access will remain open but limited to one family unit or three persons at a time.

•  Seating in the worship center will be limited to every other row. Families are encouraged to sit together. Additionally, four seats between each family unit will be required for safe distancing.

•  During our normal worship greeting time we suggest that you do not shake hands.

•  Offering plates will not be passed during the service. There is an offering box located just inside each of the interior worship center doors. Please be reminded that online giving is always available ( and appreciated.

•  Bulletins will not be handed out for the immediate future. All announcements and information will be available on the announcement video prior to the start of the worship service and on the church website.

•  Interactive materials will be provided for all elementary school children to engage them during the worship service. These will be available at the designated children’s table in the water fountain foyer.

•  Worship service dismissal will be done in an orderly way; dismissing the rear sections first to allow for safe distancing.

•  Church members will be encouraged to walk directly to their cars and not gather in groups following dismissal.

•  Restrooms will remain open for your convenience. However, there will be a limit of 5 persons at a time in the worship center facilities and 3 persons in other restrooms throughout the buildings. Signs are displayed to remind everyone about hand washing.

•  Water for the baptism pool (when deemed safe to resume) will be specifically treated to eliminate any contamination from person to person.

•  In accordance with CDC guidelines, all high-risk individuals and elderly with pre-existing conditions are discouraged from attending in person; but encouraged to continue worshiping with us online. 

Specific Precautions Related to Childcare:

•  All childcare volunteers and children will be screened each week for a fever upon entering the kid’s area.

•  If anyone (volunteer, parent or child) feels ill or shows any symptoms they are asked to please stay home.

•  A greeter will be at each outside door to assist with entering and leaving so that there is not constant contact with the door handles. Door handles will be cleaned and disinfected following each event.

•  A single volunteer will enter information for check-in stations at the pre-school, and children areas.

•  All toys and classroom items have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This process will be repeated after each group. Additionally, sanitized wipes and appropriate cleaning products will be placed in every classroom for continued cleanliness.

•  Protective gloves will be worn for all diaper changing and cleaning.

•  Protective face masks will be available for anyone who desires one.

•  Volunteers will wash their hands prior to receiving children, after diaper changes, before feeding a child and frequently during the event.

•  Laundry will be collected from each room in a basket and washed immediately after the event. The basket will then be sanitized.

•  A cleaning checklist and procedures have been created for the children’s area and will be communicated to all workers. Church staff will follow-up to ensure that everything has been cleaned as required.

What you can do:

•  Keep up-to-date with the latest information from the Centers of Disease Control and prevention (CDC).

•  Protect yourself and others if you are sick and not attend worship or other church activities until you are symptom-free and fever-free for at least 24 hours.

•  Please pray for the effects of this pandemic to diminish and quickly go away. Pray for our government leaders and health professionals as they deal with this crisis.


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