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Married Adults

At North Metro we believe church should be a place where nobody stands alone.

All of us are wired with certain needs that can only be met through relationships.  With that in mind, whether you have been a believer for a long time or you are just beginning to explore what Christianity is all about, we have a place that is perfect for you.  

We call these gatherings "Life Groups."  We want people to join together with others on a consistent basis. The heart of our Life Group Ministry is found every Sunday morning at 9:15am.  No matter where you are in life and regardless of your background, experiences, and traditions, we are there to learn and grow with you! 
For more information about our Life Group Ministry and to find a group to join, please contact the Education Office at 678.405.5053.  We want to hear from YOU!

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Life Groups List

We offer life groups for every age and stage of life.

Teacher Room
Single Adults
Ages 30's & 40's Grant Horton B301
Ages 50+ Chris Daugherty WC Landing
Korean Youn Shim WC134
Spanish Jose Padilla WC Landing
Ages 20 - 29 Arron Hightower B310
Ages 30 - 39 Craig Trussell B309
Ages 35 - 45 Stephen Cox A208/209
Ages 40's (Ladies) Lynn Waddell B209
Ages 40 - 49 Daniel Perry A215/216
Ages 45 - 55 Wade Mallard B304
Ages 50 - 59
Alfie Meek
Ages 50 - 59 Patrick Tyndall B307-309
Ages 50 - 59 Rex Misenheimer MU3
Ages 50 - 59 John Cauble MU2
Ages 50 - 59 (Ladies) Mary Cox A219/220
Ages 50 - 65 Keith McBroom WC211
Ages 50 - 65 Chuck Williams B303
Ages 55 - 65 (Men) Steve Janeczek WC133
Ages 55 - 65 Rex Misenheimer MU3
Ages 55 - 65 Mike Rhodes MU1
Ages 60 - 69 (Ladies) Alice Hicks A217
Ages 60 - 69 Trey Scates A224
Ages 60 - 69 (Ladies) Laura Moak B305
Ages 60 - 69 Bob Goethe B302
Ages 60 - 69 Steve Daugherty A218
Ages 65 - 75 Weyman Perry B206 Fireside 
Ages 65 - 75 Jerry Buckles B205
Ages 70 - 79 Jim Kinney A204
Ages 70 - 79 Terry Miller B207
Ages 70 - 79 Bobby Choate A221
Ages 70+ (Ladies) Jean Gammage WC125
Ages 75+ Roy Latham B201
Ages 75+ Brett Wilson B202
Ages 75+ Linda Bobo / Martha Ogletree WC124


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